We like to keep it simple so that you aren't inundated with lots of paperwork to make sure that you can get accredited as soon as possible so we only require a few things from you:

Why get accredited and what does it mean?

Being accredited means that your training has been checked and is up to standard with the best, up to date information and practice of your chosen industry. In short, we check it and take responsibility should anything go wrong (as long as you have completed the training for your students to a satisfactory level adhering to all of our guidelines).  More and more insurers require your training to be accredited. You need it so that your clients can gain insurance to perform the treatments or procedure etc. that you have trained them in.  You are safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, we can cover costs up to £4M through our insurers. 

  • You need to have the qualification, Level 3 Award in Education and Teaching (previously PTTLS), which qualifies you to teach students aged 16 and over. If you haven't got it yet, we recommend that you use out sister company to gain this qualification for just £99 and it is all at your own pace. Furthermore, if you use this course to get your qualification, you are guaranteed to be accepted by us.

  • You must be qualified and competent in the subjects you would like to teach. If you are in the beauty industry and would like to expand on your qualifications, there are over 60 online courses available to purchase here.

  • You will need to do a separate application for each course you would like to accredit by completing our short online form and uploading relevant documents and certificates. If you would like to use our templates, they will be approved quicker, otherwise we aim to approve in a working week. You are also welcome to amend the manuals with your own methods as everyone works differently and just use the manuals as a guide, you would just need to submit the changes for approval.

  • If you would like to add additional teachers, they would need the same as above and there will be a small 1 off fee to add them to your accreditation, please message us for more details.

  • Once accredited, you must stick to the guidelines and teach your students proficiently and never pass them until they are ready.

  • You do not need physical premises to be able to train, we are happy to approve mobile teachers too. 

  • Once approved, you will receive your accreditation number and a logo from us which will allow your students to gain insurance.

  • Please keep adequate records to ensure that disputes can be rectified as quickly as possible.