Frequently Asked Questions

Why get accredited and what does it mean?

Being accredited means that your training has been checked and is up to standard with the best, up to date information and practice of your chosen industry. In short, we check it and take responsibility should anything go wrong (as long as you have completed the training for your students to a satisfactory level adhering to all of our guidelines).  More and more insurers require your training to be accredited. You need it so that your clients can gain insurance to perform the treatments or procedure etc. that you have trained them in.  You are safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, we can cover costs up to £4M through our insurers. 

How long does the process take?

To become an approved and accredited trainer by us, that should take no longer than 5 working days, unless we have any further queries regarding your application. To get an activity approved, it depends on your requirements. If you need or would like to write your own manuals and teaching plans, it should take no loner than 7 working days to approve and accredit them unless there are a rare specialty, in which case it may take longer. If you would like to use our manuals and teaching plans, we aim to approve you within 2 working days. You are also welcome to amend the manuals with your own methods as everyone works differently and just use the manuals as a guide, you would just need to submit the changes for approval.

What happens when I become accredited?

Once you are approved to be a provider, we will send you our logo with your accreditation number, so that you can put it on your certificates and prove you are accredited. Once your activities are approved, you will get a separate logo and number for each one so that they are easily verifiable.

What if I am not qualified to teach?

If you are not already qualified, (it is our first requirement), we recommend you do the L3 AET through our sister site and is only £99. It is all done online and at your own pace. Once you have completed the course, you can apply for your accreditation. If you do this course, you are also guaranteed to be approved by us.

Can I add extra teachers to my accreditation?

Yes sure, as long as they work for you directly (employed or self employed), are qualified in L3 AET and everything that you want them to teach and you take responsibility for their teaching. All you need to do is contact us with the required documents  and pay a one off fee of £100 and they will be able to teach everything that you have accredited through us and is part of your subscription.

What if I choose to cancel my accreditation?

That's no problem, there are no contracts with us.

Do my students need insurance?

We recommend they purchase student insurance for their case studies until they are qualified.